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Top 10 Adventure Sports You Must Try Before You Die

Bungee-JumpingPara gliders are free flying, light weight glider aircraft which is launched by foot. The fabric has no definite structure and is shaped by its suspension lines. It’s aerodynamic structure helps navigating the pressure of the air and the wind forces, above the fabric lines and can last up to 1-2 hours and the pilot can have a fall and dip in height depending on the exploitation of the lift. Paragliding involves a little of technical know-how’s on its launching and landing, with the underline guideline being, the wind should inflate the fabric, for one to start flying. It requires few weeks of training, before one can pursue this sport and the number of casualties is extremely low. The best place to do Para gliding is Chamonix/Mont Blanc, France or Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

Kayaking9. Bungee Jumping

An elastic rope is suspended around a person with a body harness who is then made to jump from a very high platform mostly an unmovable object like a building, bridge or a natural rock structure. Sometimes one can jump from even movable objects like a helicopter or a hot air balloon, which can hover around with you at the same time. It’s thrilling and exciting as you have free fall of several meters and then rebound. When the cord falls along with the person, you fall unattended for seconds and then the cord recoils and you oscillate up and down until all the energy in it is dissipated. The injuries in this sport can happen due to breakage of cord or miscalculation of cord lengths. After sport injury can be more mental than physical. The highest points to do Bungee Jumping are Macau Tower, China- 760 ft and Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA-1053 ft.

Glacier Climbing dirt-bike Skiing Kitewing
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