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6 Bucket List Items to Complete

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What’s on your bucket list? Some of the most popular goals, desires, and determinations can be completed at Six Flags St. Louis. Here are some common bucket list ideas that you can fulfill at the park and cross off your list.

1. Soar through the air.
Many people dream of bungee jumping for the ultimate free-falling thrill. At Six Flags St. Louis, we have a daring ride called Dragon’s Wing. You’ll be hoisted to the top of a 15-story tower, take a dive from the top, and plunge down at 60 miles per hour. You’ll soar above the park as the cable swings side to side and dangles you free in the air. Want to satisfy the experience of falling through the sky? Check.

2. Go white water rafting.
You can experience an authentic whitewater adventure on Thunder River. Our 12-person rafts will float down the raging river, twisting and turning as you encounter rocky patches, wild waterfalls, and turbulent currents. You never know which way the untamed waves will twist your boat—just like a real whitewater journey. These obstacles will make your drift unpredictable and very wet.

3. Conquer a fear of heights.
You’re determined to overcome your fear of heights, and what better way than by riding some sky-scraping rides? It’s a long way down from the top of Screamin’ Eagle, once the world’s tallest coaster. You can also see the view from the top of SUPERMAN Tower of Power, as you elevate up 23 stories in the air. Additionally, with a 15-story drop, The Boss features one of the tallest drops in the world on a wooden coaster. You can also soar among the clouds on SkyScreamer, our 23-story towering swing ride.

4. Meet someone famous.
How about several famous characters? Only at Six Flags can you meet the entire Looney Tunes gang, including Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Daffy Duck, and Sylvester. They’re all waiting to greet you. You can take a photo with your favorite character and enjoy the rides named and themed after them.

5. Go head over heels.
You can flip head-over-heels at Six Flags without even taking gymnastics. On BATMAN The Ride, you’ll overturn numerous times in the 2, 693-foot-long spiraling, looping, and bending track. Chill out at MR. FREEZE: Reverse Blast to twist and spin—backwards—until you don’t know which way is up.

6. Break a world record.
Many people dream of breaking a world record, and at Six Flags St. Louis, you can be a part of record-breaking history. At 3, 872 feet long, 62 miles per hour, and 110 feet tall, the Screamin’ Eagle once held a Guinness World Record as the longest, tallest, and fastest coaster in the world. Furthermore, The Boss has been a record holder since it was built for having one of the longest wooden tracks, one of the fastest speeds, and one of tallest drops in the world.

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