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Girl Goes tandem bungee jumping without harnessFree Tour Singapore
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Girl Goes tandem bungee jumping without harness

17-year-old Dutch girl on holiday in Spain becomes latest bungee jump fatality

Update:Girl may have heard "now jump" on "do not jump" command.

A language barrier may explain the death of a 17-year-old Dutch girl who became the latest person to die during a bungee jump in Spain when she fell 40m (130ft) onto a dry riverbed Monday (10 August).

Local police also told the paper that they were unaware that groups were using the bridge as a bungee jump platform. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The girl, who has not yet been formally identified, was staying at a surf camp in the area with a group of friends from the Netherlands and Belgium as well as a team of mentors.

It is thought the girl was attempting to try "puenting, " in which the jumper is attached to two cords then swings from the bridge.

Emergency services attended the scene and attempted to save the girl but she was pronounced dead a short time later. Psychologists were deployed to help the girl's friends, some of whom witnessed the incident.

Kleyo de Abreu Kleyo de Abreu died after hitting her head during a bungee jump in SpainFacebook

A local police inspector told the Dutch media that it appeared there had been a "ghastly accident", possibly due to carelessness, though it is unclear by whom.

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