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Best bungee jumping in Canada

5 Best Places to Bungee Jump in Canada

great canadian bungeeAlthough bungee jumping isn’t an ordinary pass time for most Canadians, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the rush of falling towards the planet while you’re traveling in Canada. You’re not going to find the biggest bungee jumps here, but the locations that offer bungee jumping are one hundred percent worth checking out. From the cliffs of Quebec, to the freezing rivers of Whistler, each bungee location in Canada offers a great view, and a great ride.

Great Canadian Bungee

The highest Bungee Jump in Canada, this 200-foot behemoth is the perfect option for adrenaline junkies. The Great Canadian Bungee is located at the edge of a cliff, the drop to the bottom will overwhelm you with a wall of solid limestone that drops into a 160 foot deep aqua blue lagoon, larger than three combined football fields.whistler_bungee_jump After your fall back to Earth, decompress that adrenaline on the hidden beach in Wakefield, Quebec. Perfect way to slow that heart rate back down.

Whistler Bungee Jumping

Open year round, Whistler is a perfect choice for trying your hand at Bungee Jumping. Located just 15 minutes out of Whistler Village (highway 99), Whistler Bungee gives you the opportunity to hurl yourself off a tower over a beautiful gorge, and fall 160 feet just above a shall river. The highest jump in BC, and easily one of the most beautiful. Nothing like watching the Rocky Mountains while screaming all the way down.

west edmonton mall bungeeCenter of Gravity – West Edmonton Mall

The West Edmonton Mall is the hub of Northern Alberta, with all the ample room in this huge mall, it would only make sense to allow people the ability to jump from the ceiling above the massive wave pool in the World Water Park. If you’re looking for an audience to see your triumphant 100 foot fall, this is the place to do it. The entire Water Park stops to watch as Bungee Jumpers fall, and scream. Center of Gravity is the World’s largest indoor Bungee Jump.

Nanaimo Bungee Jump

Take a jump off Nanaimo’s 150 foot high bridge found above Nanaimo River. This Bungee is ranked as on of the top 100 things to do in Canada by 2006 National Post Survey. Vancouver Island is such a beautiful part of Canada, what better way to see it than atop of the bridge.nanaimo bungee With over 190, 000 people having felt the rush of diving head first off this bridge, why not help Nanaimo Bungee Jump hit 200, 000.

Ottawa River Bungee

Ottawa river is the perfect place to stop in the summer. There’s plenty to see, and lots to do. For those wanting to get their blood pumping, Ottawa River Bungee is your source for adrenaline. Their man made tower sits at over 150 feet above the Ottawa River. Easily one of the best ways to cool off on a hot summer day. Book your bungee with your white water rafting, and save some of that hard earned money of yours.

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How high is the bungee jump in Whistler BC Canada?

The bungee jump at Whistler BC Canada is 160 feet. .

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