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Best bungee jumping in the USA

5 Best Places in the U.S

Photo attribution: Flickr/Creative Commons/VideoFrog/Via/ your lunch while jumping in the Olympic National Forest and diving over the Skokomish River. Washingtonians are tired of “Twilight” comparisons, but you’ll feel like Edward Cullen leaping through the trees as your bungee cords spirals and snaps to. No need to bare your fangs; the folks who facilitate your jump will be friendly and eager to help.

2. Stratosphere, Las Vegas, Nevada: 829 feet

Slightly different than a classic bungee, you’ll suit up and jump from the hotel’s 108th floor while tethered to a system of three cables. While swan diving from the Stratosphere, the support cables allow you to gently glide down to the ground, which alleviates some of the jerking motions associated with the sport. As you descend, keep an eye out for Elvis on his lunch break (wolfing down a peanut butter-nanner sandwich) or Mike Tyson prowling around the Strip with his tiger. Warning: Do not chug a yard drink before attempting to jump off the Stratosphere. The good citizens of Sin City don’t need to deal with any more mess.

Photo attribution: By Hustvedt (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( 3. Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, Canyon City, Colorado: 1053 feet

One of the most extreme destinations for USA bungee jumping, the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge is off-limits 11 months of the year. Looking to make the thousand-foot jump? Head to Colorado during September and register to compete in the annual Go Fast! Games. If you’re not that extreme, you’ll still get a rush watching athletes gracefully duck and dive off the bridge. The event brings some of the best base and bungee jumpers to Colorado to show off their stuff, so pack your camera and prepare to record YouTube gold.

Navajo Bridge over the Colorado River near Page, Arizona USA4. Redwood Trees, Humboldt, California: 100-1500 feet

Humboldt gets a bad rep. Not everyone in the NorCal city smokes trees, but a lot of adventure-seekers jump off them. You’ll be tasked with climbing a redwood, walking onto a small rope at the top that’s tied between two towering trees, and yelling with all your might as your body hurls toward the ground. Not only will you get a glimpse into the life of a flying squirrel, but you’ll also get an unforgettable view of stunning Northern California.

5. Navajo Bridge, Marble Canyon, Arizona: 467 feet

Remember when you visited the Grand Canyon as a kid and joked about falling in to scare your grandpa!? Now you actually can fall in, and take pictures to prove it. Located near the Grand Canyon’s North Rim, Navajo Bridge provides a scenic overlook above the Colorado River inside Marble Canyon. The jump will give you an up close and personal look at Arizona’s red rocks, and it’ll also make you pee your pants with adrenaline-induced delight (your instructor should have some spare pantaloons, it happens all the time).

There’s no time to waste! Book a flight and head to experience the best bungee jumping in the USA. Word to the wise: Don’t call your mom until after you’ve cleared your jump. Otherwise, be prepared for a bigger guilt trip than the time you accidentally brought a ham sandwich to your cousin’s bar mitzvah. Oy vey!

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Where can you bungee jump in Tennessee.

The only Bungee Jumping club in Ohio, or in the Eastern U.S. for that matter is Over the Edge Adventures-Bungee Jumping club, based in Cambridge Ohio. They do bridge bungee jumps from bridges from 100' ft - to 700' ft high -in Ohio as well as in Pennsylvania, West Virginia,New York, Kentucky, and Tennessee. They have been in business since 1989, and have done jumps from Hot air balloons and cranes as well as over twenty different bridges in 9 different states over the last 20 years.
they can be reached at their e-mail, it is [email protected] their new website is temporarily located at

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