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Best bungee jumping video

I Didn't Know That: Bungee Jump Testing

World s Tallest Bungee Jump HD

RICHARD AMBROSE: You know you can do some amazing things with rubber Jonny.

JONNY PHILLIPS: I know. Look at this ball I've made just using rubber bands, isn't it good.

RICHARD AMBROSE: Mate I was thinking of something a lot more exciting than that.



SOUND ON TAPE: Aghhhhhhh!

NARRATOR: Bungee jumping.and this is how they test the rubber ropes

NARRATOR: These elasticated bungee ropes are the only thing between you and certain death, so they're tested daily.

NARRATOR: Bungee jumping was inspired by the people of Vanuatu in the South Sea Islands, who, in a centuries old ritual, use vines to jump with death defying precision from wooden platforms.

NARRATOR: If you jump here though, you'll be pleased to know that these ropes are military shock cord. The same cord is used in missile launch tests.

NARRATOR: Inside, the cord is made from 380 strands of Malaysian rubber, with a cotton outer core and a polyester cover.

NARRATOR: The crew will check each rope manually every single day and the ropes are de-commissioned after around a 1000 bounces.

NARRATOR: Once the cord is all hooked up, it's time for a test bounce.

NARRATOR: The test uses ordinary gym weights tied in a bag - 135 kilogram's of them - exceeding the heaviest jumper's weight for extra safety.

NARRATOR: They go up to the jumping height of 55 meters.

NARRATOR: The rope can stretch up to 3.3 times its length, so even at full stretch you would bounce seven meters above the ground. A bungee jumper wouldn't stretch it to the max though so the clearance would be even bigger. The weights shows that everything is in order.

NARRATOR: And now for the final test.with a human subject.

TESTER: Here we go.

NARRATOR: Some jumpers won't jump until they've seen the pros do it first.

NARRATOR: Bungy expert George has done over 200 jumps, but even he still gets the willies.

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