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Bungee Jumping - Prices, Locations and Information

Mindblowing heights, incredible speed, rushing towards the earth head on... just to be pulled back before you reach the ground. This is the absolute thrill of bungee jumping. Granted, it's no Zorbing, but if you're seeking another extreme challenge step right up.

Go Harness Zorbing!

Bungee Jumping Today there's probably nobody who doesn't know what bungee jumping is – after all, it's been around for 35 years!

It was on April's Fools Day, 1979 that some crazy adventurous members of the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club (what a name!) jumped off the 250-foot Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. Soon after they took bungee jumping abroad, performing the mad act from the Golden Gate Bridge in America.

Needless to say – it looked so much fan that soon it spread like a disease and reached everywhere in the world. However, unlike so many other things that were invented in the 70s, this one stuck and is still around, still as crazy and exhilarating.

Its simplicity is part of its genius – all you need is a 160-foot platform, a stretchy cord and… well, some courage to push yourself off the edge and start plummeting towards the ground. You'll be flying through the air at over 50 mph – needless to say, this is something you don't experience in everyday life.

The euphoria and elation that you experience come from the sense of free-falling and the rebound. You will feel such a magnificent sense of achievement, joy, challenge and excitement that you might actually get addicted to it – once experienced, people want to feel it again and again.

When it comes to bungee jumping, safety is taken very seriously. So, no matter how great and exciting this experience is, it's also completely and utterly safe. Only the latest technology and safety equipment is used and there are qualified and experienced people to help you enjoy your jump.

You will be fully briefed on your arrival and weighed in order to make sure you get the correct bungee rope that takes your weight into account. You're taken up in a special bungee cage and the jump masters will make sure the rope is securely attached to you. After that there's nothing else but to leap off!

Bungee Jumping Locations - Where to do it in the UK

There's 10 locations across the UK that the solo bungee jump vouchers are valid for. The tandem bungee jump is only available at 7 locations. See activity websites for more details.

Solo & Tandem Bungee Jumping Locations:

  • Avon (South West) - Bristol
  • Berkshire (South West) - Maidenhead
  • County Antrim (Northern Ireland) - Belfast
  • East Sussex (South East) - Brighton
  • Greater London (London) - London
  • Greater Manchester (North) - Salford
  • Strathclyde (Scotland) - Glasgow
  • Warwickshire (Midlands) - Tamworth
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