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Tower Bungy Jump, Cairns

Cairns Attractions | Cairns Bungy Jumping

Minjin Jungle Swing

More than 1 million people have bungy jumped from AJ Hackett Cairns' bungy site. The bungy cords, attached to the top of the tower and also to jumper's ankles, are made from latex rubber and are designed to withstand 5 times the strain that they are subjected to. Bungy is a Kiwi (NZ) slang word for elastic strap.

It is interesting to note that bungy is perhaps one of the most commonly misspelt adventures in existence, known as: bungee jumping (commonly said as buuuuuuuungeeeeee as one is jumping), bunji jumping (which is rumoured to be the NZ spelling) and bungy jumping (which is the most popular spelling).

However you spell it, it all sounds the same as one is terrifyingly falling through the air! BUNGEEEEEEE!

In Vanuatu, vine jumping is a test of manhood and carried out to assure a successful yam season. Men jump from a tree with only vines around their ankles, and this is said to be the primitive predecessor to the modern bungee jumping. Rest assured, Jumping in Cairns has almost had close to 1.5 million jumps and is the only tourism operator in the world to be certified by a safety standards body, and is far safer than vine jumping!

In Cairns, AJ Hackett have developed a number of different jumping methods and styles which are unheard of in other jumping locations in the world, making our tropical-style bungee jumping just that little bit more interesting:

Classic Bungy

Classic Bungy Jump 'Swan Dive'

The thrill of bungy jumping is Cairns goes beyond the classic 'swan dive' bungy jump. AJ Hackett's bungy tower is equipped with an upper platform which incorporates a diving board, which makes one feel as if they're walking the plank on a pirate ship, a fully operational water slide and a down hill ramp for more extreme jumps in case you don't want your beloved bike or skateboard to miss out of your bungy experience.

Rest assured, if you just want to bungy gracefully, that's quite ok too.

Night Bungy Jump

Many already know that lunatics were so named because their insanity was believed to be affected by the phases of the moon. In Cairns, lunatics come together once a month at the full moon party at the Cairns Bungy Jumping tower!

Commonly known as the Cairns Full Moon Party, entry is free and the party in the jungle at bungy tower includes free transport out to the bungee jump site, guest DJ, fire performers and return transfers to the city clubs. Considered by many locals and backpackers to be the social highlight of the month, the full moon party is not to be missed.

Bungy jumps during the night party are charged at the standard rate, however many believe that night bungy is infinitely more exciting and adrenalin-inducing than the day time garden variety. Night bungy jumping is rarely offered at any jump locations around the world, so Cairns bungy jumping presents an option almost as unique as Cairns itself.

Minjin Jungle Swing

An Aboriginal legend lends this addictive bungy jumping variation its name.. the story goes the Minjin was a vicious cat-like creature who roamed the hillslopes of Cairns. Today's mountain devil takes off from the AJ Hackett bungy tower, as an intoxicating swing reaching speeds of up to 100kph. I bet your mum couldn't push you that fast!

One, two or three people can enjoy the Minjin Swing together in hang-gliding harnesses, suspended with stainless steel cables. Gravity provides the charge, and wooosh!, you're swinging above the rainforest faster than Tarzan ever did.

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Do alton towers have a bungie jump?

Alton Towers do not have a bungie jump, but the bungee club 07000286433 have them all over the contry.

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