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Bungee jumping on Vancouver Island

Nanaimo, BC

Monkido® Adventure Course

There are three self-paced Monkido® experiences that involve climbing, zip-lining, jumping, and swinging through obstacle games! Guests navigate log ladders, cargo nets, rope swings, tightropes, swinging logs, wobbly bridges, and more aerial surprises that gradually become higher and more challenging.

In Nanaimo, the original Monkido Adventure Course course stretches through wide expanses of the forest. These original games are some of the trickiest. Can you “hang” in there?

Need To Know

Monkido® Classic Course

  • Minimum age: 7.
  • Chaperone requirements: Kids age 13 and younger must be accompanied on site by a responsible adult.
  • Minimum reach: 5’11” (180cm) with feet flat on the ground.
  • 60 – 90 minutes to complete.

Monkido® Extreme Course

  • Add this onto your Monkido Classic Course.
  • Minimum age: 12.
  • Minimum reach 5’11” (180cm), with feet flat on the ground.
  • 30 – 60 minutes to complete.

Monkido® Kids Course

  • Minimum age: 5 (maximum age 12).
  • Minimum reach: 4’ 7” (140cm), with feet flat on the ground.
  • 45 – 90 minutes to complete.



What’s To Fear Jump (WTF Jump)

What’s To Fear Jump is an unnerving loose-line plunge from the edge of a 40-foot perch. Take the last step in Nanaimo with this element.
  • Minimum weight 44lbs (20kg). Maximum weight 285lbs (129kg).
  • 20 – 30 minutes to complete.
Single $19.99
Monkido add-on (and always for Season Passholders) .99

DragonFLY Ziplines

In Nanaimo guests soar between rocky canyon edges, crossing 100′ above the spectacular Nanaimo River. In two flights of 300- and 600-feet, the DragonFLY Ziplines span entire length of the Park, and pass beneath our world-famous Bungy Jump bridge. Go for an invigorating ride unlike anything else on Vancouver Island.
  • Guests under 100lbs (45kg) zip tandem with a guide
  • Maximum harness size is 45″ waist, and 26″ legs (circumference)
  • Takes 10 – 20 minutes per line (check the location & count ‘em up)

Bungy Jump

Renowned 150-foot leap from a cool trestle bridge that towers above the Nanaimo River. Over 260, 000 guests, and counting. NEW in 2015! Six increasingly adventurous levels of Bungy Jumps – in over a dozen styles!
  • First come, first served upon check-in.
  • Minimum weight 95 lbs (43 kgs); maximum weight 400lbs (181 kgs), for the total weight of a single or tandem jump.
  • Must have Jump Master approval, to “level-up” in difficulty/intensity.
1st Jump 9.99
Any Subsequent Jumps

Primal Swing

Giant pendulum ride hurtles you through an awesome natural abyss. Soaring over 140-feet, at over 140km/h!
  • Minimum weight: 170lbs (77kgs) per ride.. If you are going solo and don’t make the weight minimum, we can gladly provide a team member to swing with you.
  • Maximum weight: 400lbs (181kgs) per ride.
Single Swing $89.99
Tandem Swing Two guests $159.98

Rules of Play

READY (leaving the couch)

  • Dress appropriately for the weather – whatever it is, you’ll be in it…
  • Wear the right shoes for the adventure – closed toe and secured to the foot (no flip flops surfer dudes).

SET! (at WildPlay)

  • Watch the time…Be on time and don’t miss your check-in window…waiting a week sucks.
  • Make a stash…valuables in lockers, cameras in secure pockets, nuts in the ground (no wait, that is for squirrels)…you are responsible for your stuff.
  • Take a pee…well, OK, only if you have to…but don’t wait until you’re all rigged up (we have toilets to help with this).

GO! (it’s playtime)

  • Come clean. No smoking, or influence of alcohol or drugs…it may feel like it at times, but actually – this is not a rock concert.
  • Keep out of trouble…don’t fall off anything without a cord on and don’t let anything hit your head. Our staff is in charge – work with that – if there is a risk, what they say, goes!
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Did bungee jumping originate in the South Pacific islands?

Yes. On Pentecost Island in Vanuatu, named after the Christian Pentecost theory, there is an annual festival including a ceremony in which young people throw themselves off a high tower, relying only on a tree vine wound around their feet. Until a decade or so ago, this land diving was part of an initiation ceremony, with young people who were unable to complete the ceremony never able to make the step into official adulthood. The divers were ordinary young people, and there were apparently many cases of deaths and severe injury. These days, it is only a festival ceremony, seen by a New…

Is there anywhere to bungee jump in Vancouver? | Yahoo Answers

Almost in Vancouver is Whistler Bungee jumping just outside of Vancouver.
The Bungee Zone is in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.
Grouse Mt. has summer zip line:

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