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Chonburi Go Gibbon

Range of Pattaya villas

The Flight of the Gibbon™ Zipline Eco-Adventure is twice the fun when you add the Go Gibbon™ experience!

(or you can just do Go Gibbon! all by itself)

A Jungle Gym Adventure with Thrills and Spills Testing all your Skills!…
Imagine the “Ultimate Jungle Gym” where you can zip, fly, climb, crawl, and swing your way through an amazing jungle play-ground right in the rainforest!

Price: 2019 Baht

It’s 100% Guaranteed Fun for everyone in your whole family or group!

Go Gibbon!™ includes:

  • A Jungle Gym deep in the real Jungle of Thailand
  • Free transportation from Bangkok or Pattaya
  • 19 action packed stations with jumps, swings, nets, bridges and more
  • Free entry to Khao Kheow Wildlife Nature Park just minutes away.
  • Fun for all ages and abilities
  • Your safety is our top priority
  • Friendly and professional guides
  • Thrills and spills testing all your skills

Pick the ones that fit your physical limits, endurance and sense of comfort or do them all! Of course kids will love it… but every adult will find that “inner 6 year old” ready to burst out and experience nature’s real amusement park with challenging activities like bridges suspended between trees high in the sky, Spider Nets, Tarzan Jumps, Flying Swings, and much more…

Like all Flight of the Gibbon tours, Go Gibbon meets the highest standards…and safety is our first priority. We use only the highest rated, top-of-the-line equipment and all of our seasoned Sky Ranger guides are thoroughly trained in zipline instruction, first-aid and rainforest wilderness skills.

You can have twice the fun with this Multi-day adventure tour when combined with the Flight of the Gibbon Zipline Eco-Adventure Tour...


While we do work hard to keep our prices down, we won’t engage in a race to the bottom. Saving a few bucks at the expense of safety and experience just isn’t worth it. You may only have 1 chance to do this in your life, and we’re committed to making it the most memorable and exciting adventure you can have.

Want to drive yourself?
See the map and get driving directions to our Go Gibbon tour in Chonburi:

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Did bungee jumping originate in the South Pacific islands?

Yes. On Pentecost Island in Vanuatu, named after the Christian Pentecost theory, there is an annual festival including a ceremony in which young people throw themselves off a high tower, relying only on a tree vine wound around their feet. Until a decade or so ago, this land diving was part of an initiation ceremony, with young people who were unable to complete the ceremony never able to make the step into official adulthood. The divers were ordinary young people, and there were apparently many cases of deaths and severe injury. These days, it is only a festival ceremony, seen by a New…

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