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Bungee jump into a volcano?

Club and bungee jumping
You know who we are. We brought you the T-Tower in Vegas. We brought you the highest bungee bridge in the US. Still not enough? How about bungee jumping from the skid of a helicopter into the gaping maw of a bubbling active volcano? No. We're not kidding and yes this is for real!

Our Stunts division set up this jump for MTV a while back. We loved the jump so much, we knew we had to bring it to the small percentage of the public who, like us, has that something special in their genes. So this is it - available to YOU for the first time in the history of the world, and probably since even before that - the undisputable jump of a thousand lifetimes.

You need not be a virgin.

Who: You
What: Defying death and jumping to the caldera of an active volcano.
Where: Pucón, Chilé
When: TBA
Why: You are looking for the adventure of a lifetime!
How much?: $12, 500 per person
What does the price tag include?
Everything but transportation to and from Pucón
- 1 day Bungee Jump
- 1 day Whitewater Rafting [Rapid rating: Class 4s & 5s/3 to 4 hrs spent on river]
- 1 day Hot Springs Activity
- ½ day for travel to and from Pucón
- 1 ½ "Open Days"
- Meals
- Drinks
- Yes, a T-shirt
Total: 6 Days/ 5 Nights

Can I bring my spouse/significant other?
Yes. If he or she is only along for the ride, they can join for $1, 995. If they are also going to jump, your package will be discounted $500 total for both jumps.

Just what the hell is this jump going to be like?
- Who else will be in the helicopter?
You'll be with the Pilot, Photographer and Crew Chief (Jump Master)

- How will we get to the volcano?
Perched on the skids, outside the helicopter while you gain 10, 000 in altitude, traveling about 130 kph for 35 miles!!

- What about the actual jump?
The helicopter will fly into the caldera of the volcano, where you will bungee jump, coming within 700ft of the actual pool of MOLTEN LAVA. The elongated bungee will be between 350 & 375 Ft.

- And if we make it?
After the jump will have a long line ride back to the airport, once again traveling at around 130 kph while suspended 350+ feet below the helicopter.

Where will we be staying?
The beautiful Hotel Del Lago Resort and Casino, a complete 5 star resort in one of the loveliest cities in Chile, it offers a Casino and beautiful views of the volcano and the lake. Enjoy an open air and a heated pool, facilities to practice golf, tennis, fishing, snow skiing, rafting, hiking and mountain biking.

The International Class casino offers Bingo, Roulette, Blackjack, slot machines, Craps, Poker Baccarat, Chemin de Fer and other games of chance.

How about the meals?
Breakfast Buffet is provide each morning by the resort.

Lunch is provided on the days of the Bungee Jump, Rafting and Hot Springs trip.
To give you a chance to try the local cuisine of your choice, lunch will not be provided on the other days.
Dinner will be provided each night but is optional if you want to explore the local restaurants on your own.

What transportation arrangements will be made for me?
Transportation from Temuca to Pucón and back will be provide. If you are planning on doing additional traveling during your trip, you will need to make your own arrangements.

Could I die?

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