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Extreme sports like bungee jumping

Bungee’s jump-start as an official sport in Dubai

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DUBAI // As sports go, jumping from a platform 50-foot in the air while attached to a rubber cord is not the most user-friendly, but that won’t deter officials from a sports council from its bid to set up a UAE bungee federation.

About 50 thrill seekers are expected to compete in a bungee competition at Powerplay Sports on Sheikh Zayed Road at the weekend to raise money for Breast Cancer Arabia.

“DSC [Dubai Sports Council] encourages the development of all sports in Dubai and bungee jumping is one of them, ” said Hessa Al Kous, sport events planning manager at the council.

“We hope to one day encourage more events in this sport and drive additional adventure-like sports.

“We like to give the greater community a variety of options to come out and become socially active.”

Ms Al Kous said the emirate was already well-known for international sporting events such as the Dubai World Cup, Rugby 7s and the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championship as well for adventure sports such as Skydive Dubai. “Dubai has become a hub for different sports, and adding bungee jumping to Dubai’s sporting calendar is only natural to the development of alternative sports.

“His Highness Sheikh Hamdan [Crown Prince of Dubai and chairman of DSC] is an avid extreme- sports enthusiast, and with the interests of the new generation Dubai will definitely benefit by adding more events like bungee jumping in the near future.”

The competition will begin at 2pm on Friday, with participants going through three rounds of judging while being scored on everything from free-fall style to bravery.

“The aim is also to highlight bungee jumping as a potential competitive sport and put it on the Dubai sports calendar, something which would be a first for the region, ” said Ramez Shawki, managing director of Gravity Zone, the country’s only dedicated bungee facility.

“While the competition is meant as a fun and social event for any adrenalin junkies to enter, it is also a hopeful first step towards the potential establishment of a UAE bungee federation.”

He said there was no shortage of thrill seekers in the UAE willing to give the sport a try.

Kieve Pinto has bungee jumped in places such as Malaysia, Macau and Switzerland and is competing as an individual and in a team of three on Friday.

“I’m very excited to jump, it’s such an adrenalin rush, I love it. It’s fantastic to have this in the UAE, ” said the 28-year-old Indian engineer. “There’s a lot of enthusiasts like myself and it’s excellent that the UAE is promoting these types of events as I know a lot of people who will take part in this.

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Would you Do an extreme sport – Bungee jumping.if got an chance ?

Well I am a Hang Glider pilot and I suppose that is an extreme sport although the joy that I get out of it is for me very personal in a way. I don't do it to impress anyone and I have never been a lover of sport. As far as I am concerned Hang Gliding is too much fun to be a sport. It is an awesome feeling to run off that mountain and know that my fate is now in my hands alone. No one can assist me in any way until I am back on the ground. It is a feeling like no other.:-)

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