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Virginia Beach bungee jumping

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Ocean Sands Resort Virginia BeachWaking up to the sound of the waves, strolling along the beach, and walking barefoot in the sand is my idea of a spectacular day; add my husband and my baby girl, and I can’t think of a better way to spend Labor Day weekend. Ocean Sands Resort in Virginia Beach offers all of the above in a hotel room that resembles home. This week, we put aside our adrenaline shoes and slipped into our sandals for a relaxing retreat at the beach.

Located in the heart of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront directly on the boardwalk, the 104 unit Ocean Sands Resort features a Caribbean theme and family-oriented atmosphere.Ocean Sands Resort Virginia Beach We were pleasantly surprised to open the hotel room door and find a bedroom with ocean view and a separate living room area, including a full kitchen, sofa, dining table, and end tables. Even more appealing was the wall of windows in the bedroom that led to the Atlantic Ocean and sand as far right and left as the eye can see.

We’ve been spending our days walking the boardwalk, feeling the breeze against our faces, and playing in the ocean. It may not be skydiving, white-water rafting, or bungee jumping but it is equally good for the heart and soul.

The relaxed environment is refreshing, but it’s impossible to completely suppress my thrill seeking side. When I saw the massive sling-shot ride across from the pier, I knew that I’d have to fly through the sky strapped to the open-air seat before the end of our stay.

We ventured to the amusement park today to inquire about the ride. Unfortunately, it requires two riders so I can’t ride alone; and it’s impossible for Darren and I to ride at the same time since someone needs to be with Athena. We hit a standstill.

I wouldn’t let that stop me though, and after speaking with a worker at the park, I made arrangements for her to ride with me on Friday while Darren video taped the adventure. Then, she’ll ride with Darren while we switch roles. I can’t help myself; it’s like adventure finds me.

Friday will be reserved for adventure with the possibility of parasailing after the sling-shot. Adventure is on every doorstep.

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