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Bungee jumping used in a sentence

Posted on March 7, 2016 – 08:59 pm

A man bungee jumps

Freestyle Bungee Jumping in Harrachov from Televison Tower, in the area of ski jumps K120 and K180

A few sentences to jumps and Bungee Jumping as an unforgettable experience

An unforgettable experience at any time in

  • Do you want to jump, or to buy someone as a gift?
  • Do you buy unforgettable gift your love with friends?
  • Do you want jump Bungee on snowboard, snowblades or you can jump bungee flips?
Then you've come to the right place. Freestyle Bungee Jumping in Harrachov is here for you from 40 kg to 160 kg.

Bungee Jumping Harrachov is one of the adrenaline adventures in Harrachov, from which you can enjoy beautiful views of the city Harrachov. 36 m high steel structure television tower is located at a height of 145 meters above the town Harrachov. The special platform at the television tower are designed specifically for Bungee Jumping, you can bungee jump on your holiday in Harrachov. Bungee Jumping you can jump for feet forwards or backwards, or jump for the chest, on snowboardin, on the snowblades or to bungee-flips forward or backward.

So, if you're looking for an adrenaline experience during your stay in Harrachov, which you will remember for a lifetime, "freestyle Bungee Jumping" in Harrachov from the television tower has everything to meet your need experience.

Parking Bungee Jumping in Harrachov:
GPS of parking No.1: Parking at the hotel SKICENTRE (Skicentrum)

TV Tower is located in the are of ski jumps K120 and K180 next the red slopes in Harrachov

TV Tower is the only place in the Czech Republic, where we operate Bungee Jumping throughout the year and the only place built specifically for Bungee Jumping.

General informations about jumping procedures

Weight limit
from 40 kg to 160 kg
1. To be in good condition and not to have any health problems that may be negatively influenced by bungee jumping, such as, but not limited to: heart problems; pregnancy; high blood pressure; circulatory problems; physical movement limitations; eye illness; neurological problems, etc.
2. To understand that the jump is performed at his/her own risks.
3. Not to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or any medicine that could impair his/her judgment.
4. That he/she will strictly follow the instructions issued by the Bungy Team.

all year(January, February, March, April, May, July, June, August, September, October, Novemeber, December)
- see dates of jumps

Bungee Jumping from CZK 566, - / person ( see pricelist )

Let´s send us order

All the weather

Type of Jumps
For the legs or for the chest, on snowboard, on snowblades of to bungee-flips backwards of forwards.

Clothing requirements:
None... completely naked is quite a popular option

Before jump
Jumper signs registration for the jump, which confirms his signature, rules and behavior during and after the jump. It also has the option to order the video on DVD.

After jump
Each jumper will receive a certificate of completion jump.

The experience of the Jiri Stolín, Xtreme Sports
If you don´t now know, how to jump voucher order, please contact us at our phone number: +420 607 232 070 from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 8:00 p.m. hours.

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How do you use jumping in a sentence.

The horse's are jumping over the fence.

How can you use jumped in a sentence.

The dog jumped up onto the bed.

How do i use jumping as a participle in a sentence?

I was jumping today. I was jumping on the bed.

What did the first bungee jumper use to bungee jump?

The first "land jumpers" (the original name) lived on Vanuatu.They practiced the ritual of jumping from great heights using vines.

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