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Bungee Jumping - Chomutov, 62m

Find your Bungee jumping in Czech Republic
We offer you the best experience in bungee jumping in the Czech Republic - this is no exaggeration.

When you jump Bungee in Harrachov - Get yourself on television tower to a height of 145 meters above the town of Harrachov, and it is an experience in itself. In Harrachov, as the only place in the Czech Republic, you can jump Bungee throughout the year from January to December, the weather does not play any role.

"Generally, the colder the weather, the greater the dose of adrenalin. In winter you can jump on a snowboard or snowblades. And throughout the year you learn to jump and flips backwards or forwards."

Bungee Jumping Chomutov - Bridge Hacka 62 meters, is the highest bridge where we jump Bungee Jumping from the bridge of 62 meters above the river Hacka. Bungee Jumping here you can jump from April to October every weekend.

Bungee Jumping Brno - crane 60 meters and 120 meters, is the highest point in the Czech Republic. Bungee Jumping is available at the end of September.

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