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Highest bungee jumping in Malaysia

Bungy Jump at Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

bungee jumping malaysiaYou might’ve thought that after my bungy jumping experience in Macau, I wouldn’t dare do anything extreme for awhile. However, when I visited Kuala Lumpur a month after our Hong Kong trip, I was able to do another bungee jump at Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I don’t really have any wishes to die early but blame it on my adventurous personality when the opportunity presented itself to me. This time I got to dip my head in water which was another treat.


We were at the Sunway Lagoon theme park when I saw a banner of their bungy jump attraction. I was excited but I didn’t really go crazy about it since the bungee in Macau already put my pockets to rest for quite a while. I thought that it would cost me an arm again. Upon further inquiry, I was really hyped since I realized that it’s not as expensive as I thought.

bungee jump malaysia still smiling and waving

Others might think that the height of the jump is already a piece of cake for me considering that I already did the world’s highest bungy at 233 meters. However, I was trembling more during this jump because I had more time to think. At 21 meters, it’s still not something you can just easily shrug off.

I started shaking.

The Extreme Park is just one part of the overall theme park attractions in Sunway Lagoon. They also have a Scream Park, Water Park, Amusement Park and Wildlife Park – surely you won’t be able to finish the rides in a day! Guess which one was my favorite?

malaysia bungy Extreme Park in Sunway Lagoon!

Price Rate of the Bungy Jump
130 MYR – around 1, 820 Php (at 14 conversion rate)

The price was still expensive because most of my savings were spent during our trip in Hong Kong and Macau but I just had to do it. At least we had the fortune of taking pictures and recording the jump on video without any added expense.

price list 66kg

I’m so glad and thankful to Jao and Cindy for documenting the whole scene as well as for keeping up with my behavior in doing this bungee. I forgot to bring my board shorts so pardon the skimpy clothing. By the way, No need to comment on the obvious. hehe.

extreme park malaysia with Jao and Cindy at the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge.

When I was on the edge, my hands were really shaking and I was having difficulty standing straight. I had more time to contemplate and it wasn’t done in a rush. However, I got more nervous here because I was still going to free-fall and just the thought of pushing yourself was still scary.

remember to breathe

All the while, Final Destination movies were racing through my head; making me think of the worst that could happen. What if the rope breaks or what if I choke myself to death because of the cord wrapping itself around my neck after I bounce back. So I jumped again…

almost there

and I dipped my head in the water. The feeling was still exhilarating; this is, after all, head first. It went so fast I forgot to cover my nose and ears fearing that liquid would get inside.


After all the stress, I realized that the water was what I needed to refresh myself and snap me out of all the worrying. After I bounced back, I enjoyed the moment.

price bungy sunway lagoon kuala lumpur sunway lagoon bridge pedestrian bridge
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