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What are some extreme sports?

The motivation behind practicing extreme sports

The main reason why people enjoy doing extreme sports is the satisfaction they get out of challenging themselves and being victorious in the end. Many people strive for self-improvement and set certain goals in their life that help them go farther than anyone else before. Even though many people my argue that money, fame and probably an inflated ego is what determines extreme sports passionate do what they do, the truth is that neither of these compare with the rush of adrenaline and the feeling of happiness one gets while succeeding in completing such a difficult and demanding task as practicing an extreme sport. It is needless to mention that one does not really get that rich or that famous while practicing skydiving. Surpassing one personal best is probably the experience every extreme sports athlete dreams of managing each time they set on doing what they know best: living on the edge. Besides being physically challenging, extreme sports are also very mentally demanding, because one needs to fight their fear and often make leaps of faith while practicing extreme sports.


Skateboarding, surfing, climbing, mountain biking, sky diving, free running, bungee jumping, paragliding and white water rafting are probably the most popular extreme sports in the world, practiced by many enthusiasts, both beginners and pros. In order to achieve performance in either one of these sports you need to have skills, backbone and dedication. You need to be mentally prepared to handle any extreme situation and survive despite all odds. A strong will and a great wish for self-improvement are needed, if you are serious about practicing extreme sports, and money, fame and pride have no connection with the resolution athletes make before going out to challenge themselves. Taking into consideration all the dangers is important for beginners and experts alike to ensure they will not take foolish risks and put their life in danger more than necessary. Athletes must give one hundred percent all the time and even more than that to come back with more achievements than before.

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Extreme sports are awesome!
Extreme sports are awesome!
What are the benefits of extreme sports?
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What are the Most Popular Extreme Sports?
What are the Most Popular Extreme Sports?
Extreme paragliding
Extreme paragliding
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What are some extreme sports? | Yahoo Answers

I am a big fan of paragliding and I think that nothing compares to the freedom of fly. Flying was the supreme dream of human kind but unfortunately it was not financial affordable, not until now. With paragliding things are quite simple : no need for airport, runway, fuel, plane to tow you, no need for hangar to keep your wing (we call wing the paraglider itself). The "hangar" is a backpack and you just climb a hill or a mountain and launch from there. A new glider is around 1500-2000$ so it's accessible. Right now it takes place the most challenging paragliding competition in the world…

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