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Extreme tourism Antarctica case study

Tourism in Extreme Environments

Where in the Antarctic is the
  • To do something adventurous e.g. Ice Climbing
  • To enjoy a holiday with an element of Risk involved e.g. Rafting
  • To see scenery that can’t be seen anywhere else e.g. Ice bergs
  • To see wildlife that can’t be seen anywhere else e.g. Polar bears

Reasons for the increase in demand for extreme environments

  • Improvements in travel have made it easier and quicker to get to them.
  • People are keen to see these places while they can e.g. before the polar caps melt
  • TV Travel Programmes are making adventure holidays more appealing.

Case Study: Antarctica

Impacts of Tourism

  • Deforestation is caused by cutting down fuel for the tourists to get there
  • Footpath/ice erosion is caused by large numbers of tourists exploring at once
  • Litter and rubbish is being left on the ground
  • People are getting too close to the wildlife and many are fleeing their habitats
  • There is the threat of pollution, such as oil spills, from cruisers transporting people there
  • Some tourists interfere with Scientists' research by unknowlingly bringing in seeds or spores from other areas

Strategies used to reduce the impacts of Tourism

  • Only ships of 500 people or less can land in Antarctica and only 100 people are allowed on land at one time.
  • Smoking is banned on Antarctica
  • Wildlife is to be observed not to be approached
  • On tours, people are told not to wonder off and disturb scientific studies.
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