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Extreme tourism Definition

What Is Extreme Tourism? (with pictures)

Extreme tourists may visit
Post 7

@shell4life – I'm like you. I want to relax and not put myself in danger during my time away from it all. My dad always drags me along on his skiing trips, and I stick to the bunny slopes.

Does anyone know if traveling to go skiing or snowboarding could be considered extreme tourism? Personally, it qualifies for me. People come all the way from across the country to snowy slopes, just to risk their lives while speeding down them.

I have a fear of heights, so my view of this is skewed. To me, it is one of the most extreme things you could do.

Post 6

I think that the camping trips my uncle takes his family on could be considered extreme tourism. He goes to mountainous areas where bears and mountain lions are known to live, and he pitches a tent in the middle of the woods.

Most people who go camping in areas like this prefer to stay in a cabin, because it will better protect them from dangerous wildlife. He likes the thrill of knowing he could get attacked. He carries a gun to protect his family, but he secretly wishes for a reason to use it.

To me, this is terrible, because he has young children. Putting them in harm's way like that and making them cry out in fear is just wrong. Some people will do anything for extreme tourism, though.

Post 5

I know it is risky, but I love exploring under the sea. People ask me if I'm not afraid of sharks, and I am, but the experience is worth the risk to me.

In all my years of diving, I have never encountered a shark. I always go with a group, and we have an expert to guide us.

I have seen the most beautiful sea anemones, strange fish, and indescribable creatures. If I had stayed on land and let my fears rule me, I never would have known this beauty.

There is nothing like swimming through clear water with creatures most people have only seen on television. I feel so free when I'm down there, and it really is like traveling to another world.

Post 4

Extreme tourism doesn't appeal to me, because I like to play it safe. Also, when I'm on vacation, I want to relax and enjoy the surroundings. I get so stressed at home, so I don't want to be stressed during my vacation, too!

However, some people are only happy when they are getting a rush from a dangerous activity. My cousin is this way. Every time he goes on vacation, I know it will be to do something that could get him killed.

He has gone hang-gliding, ice climbing, and jumping off cliffs into the ocean. He does all this from beautiful locations, so at least if he dies, his last view would be something pretty.

He has tried to talk me into going with him on these excursions. He has even offered to pay for everything, but there isn't enough money in the world to get me to do these things.

Post 3

@starrynight - I think you made a really good point about those documentaries. I would even argue that a lot of documentaries about animals and nature are examples of extreme tourism. The people who make those movies are most definitely in a bit of danger while they're shooting.

Anyway, I think they should heavily monitor tourism to places like...

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